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H3C security product line focuses on network security and application security, providing integrated network and application products/solutions to customers. H3C has been engaged in the security field for more than 10 years, with more than 1,000 patented technologies in the field of information security, H3C also joined hands with Microsoft, Kaspersky, CVE, Commtouch, ICSA and other renowned international security organizations and manufacturers to ensure the consistent protection of various security products.

Possessing the most comprehensive security delivery capacity in the industry, H3C can provide more than 300 products and professional security advisory and assessment service teams. Due to its customer-oriented quick response capabilities, H3C can provide customers with safe and credible protection from security infrastructure to any top-level design. It can provide customers with a full range of credible and controllable information security products and complete solutions.

In the field of security products, H3C covers network layers, application layers, and security management. There are over 300 products, including next-generation firewalls, VPN, UTM, IPS, ACG, load balancing, security management centers, cloud security solutions, and situational awareness systems. These products can be applied to different environments, including Fast-Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and higher speed. Layer 2 to layer 7 full-service security protection helps meet the needs of future cloud computing, IPv6, Web2.0, and other new services and applications.

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